Is A Finance Consultant Effective In A Crisis?
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Is A Finance Consultant Effective In A Crisis?Posted: January 14, 2021 @ 1:01 pm
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Generate value-addition with efficient project management
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Leverage Management Consulting For Post- Crisis Recovery
A management consultant identifies and solves complex business, organisational and operational problems, and defines and improves processes. Naturally, navigating the health crisis, social unrest, and widespread uncertainty created as a result of the events over the course of the year has proved challenging for businesses. Here, staying on top is not as easy as shutting down operations or facilitating WFH arrangements—a business needs to think of its short- and long-term goals, its stakeholders, and its future in the shadowy outlands of the “new normal”.
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Critical business functions require the most support in order to function effectively and sustainably. That is why a purchasing manager plays a vital role in your business operations.A skilled purchasing manager:1. Continuously works to improve the purchasing processes of a business2. Balances the priorities and objectives of a business3. Protects procurement systems and the supply chain of a business
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Kronos Group | Experts In Project Management Consulting
Optimise your project management function with targeted strategies and insights enabled by our pioneering Maturity Assessment Tool that swiftly evaluates the maturity of your organisation based on proven best practices. Our consultants are adept in incorporating the latest tools into your operations and can develop and sustainably run your PMO, program management or projects.
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Strategic And Targeted Finance Consulting
Kronos Group s finance consulting services will help you build a swift and resilient finance function Contact our professionals today for more information. People development has always been a major priority for us at Kronos Group; we have evolved our expertise in the field through specialised coaching programmes and our Centers of Excellence. We also provide specific or global best-in-class finance training programmes that feature theory, case studies, role play, and best practices-sharing.We also offer custom training services and solutions to set up your Finance Excellence Academy or benefit from specific internal training to meet individual company needs.
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Kronos Group | World-class Procurement Consulting Expertise
Build a world-class procurement function with Kronos Group. In a fast-paced business landscape, swift, accurate transformation is the key to success. Our Maturity Assessment Tool enables us to do just that by quickly scanning your business activities to assess your business’ procurement maturity. Kronos Group’s skilled procurement advisory team then uses this information to give you customised business optimisation recommendations based on industry best practices.
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